Thursday, 6 August 2009

When Cuttings Grow

Cecilia ( is once more insightful:
"I remember a doctor saying, once, if pain wakes you in the night, pay attention. I think that holds true for all kinds of pain, physical, mental and spiritual."
I am in pain - it wakes me - I am paying attention...

But I am coping with it much better than I ever thought I would. Loss of good friendship is probably one of the hardest things to deal with. I have lost lovers and partners - I have lost pets and grandparents - all of which are hard and painful - but in the last fortnight I have lost two very good friends - one to move to Scotland to pursue a wonderful opportunity and one - the best friend I have ever known - through stupidity and weakness. As a single parent my good friends are my family and I don't know how I will cope with two volatile children, an ex with anger-management issues and a stressful job with out them.

I hope that distance, anger and hurt will not destroy these friendships permanently - but that they will grow new roots like my penstemon and pelargonium cuttings that had miraculously become little plants when I transplanted them today. Cut abruptly from their mother plants they should have withered and died - but love is a good rooting medium - and crap whilst I am on many levels - I really love and care about my friends.

Until the tide turns
Until the ebb flows
Until the cutting grows.

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  1. the loss of friendship does hurt in a different way than other losses. it feels to me like it stings more, and longer... much longer.

    this is a lovely reflection. may the cuttings grow.