Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Fugue

It bubbles up gurgling with enjoyment,
Encouraging itself forward,
Propelled by enthusiasm.
Atom catches atom
Pulling each other onward,
Unguardedly grasping with shared excitement.
Cascading over rocks boyd by its momentum;
Teasing, caressing, taunting the stubborn surfaces.

And then it...
jumps -
Leaps forward
Arking into the free fall -
Soaring then plunging
Embraced by self.
Summasalting, roaring,
Gouging out halls.
Immersed it remembers,
Hears the call
And turns once more its thoughts to its end.

Slower now - burbling and sighing
Tickling through pebbles and reeds.
Communicating its pleasure in the journey.
Joined by sisters and brothers
The family grows - swells,
Flows powerfully in numbers.
Synchronized in smoothness,
Sleekly pulled by the immense purpose.

Contained, hemmed in,
Controlled but not tamed.
It pushes on ignoring the rude
hindrances to its spread.
More sure now of its approaching goal.
And finally...
It feels its reaching fingers
Entwined in loving tenderness,
Wecomed, absorbed, consumed.

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