Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Beetle Safari

The woods are beautiful in the England at the moment. So many shades of green in the emerging leaves. The Horse chestnuts are in flower and the oaks must be too because there is an almost deafening buzzing coming from their canopies. My not so little boy Noah (5), Litle girl Lucy ( 3 last month) and I went for a minibeast hunt in the local woods to find dung beatles - just like medium sized scarabs - rolling dung into balls and all. I just thought they were of African origin so was amazed the first time I saw them stumbling slowly over the paths with their loads or even behaving amorously ( spring is in the air afterall!). But sadly they are so slow moving there were far more dead than alive - crushed by unobservant walkers and cyclists. They are irridescent - seeming black but glowing midnight blue in the light. Lumbering like gentle giants. May be we should follow South Africa's example to protect our rare and wonderful wildlife:

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