Friday, 18 September 2009

All Singing All Blogging

I just got a new browser and it lets me add video, spell check and hyperlink in this blog - hoorah - I have entered the C21.
Unfortunately at a slightly dullardish moment in my life - so may not be used to great effect - BUt and I mean BUT it can be used! ( it also lets me embolden- ooh ahh) Such things that you PCs with internet explorer take for granted. I wonder if it will actually let me respond to comments - so the few eager beavers who deign to comment will not feel slighted by my lack of response?!?
I'm sorry - my face is going slightly numb - my new seagrass flooring was stuck down with industrial glue in a freshly decorated room today - so the excitement at basic word processing functions being finally available may be partly due to chemically induced hysteria. I am now going to step out into the fresh air - I may be sometime?

1 comment:

  1. Yipppee I can post a comment - you can imagine the victory dance that accompanies this definitely glue induced state