Monday, 26 October 2009

The Developed World?

Maggie Jochild a regular contributor to the blog has had emergency surgery in the US and is desperate for donations in order to not be thrown out of the ICU. Can you imagine being sent home with open wounds, barely conscious, unable to move? Why? Because of the great failing of not being able to afford healthcare insurance. So I ask all too naively is there anyway that Maggie’s case can be highlighted to the media or Steve’s who is mentioned on her site? Surely no one could know this and think that a public health bill would be wrong!?!? It sounds very Dickensian with the attitudes of “undeserving poor” – People are poor or don’t have health insurance because of personal weakness and undesirable personality traits??!!??
I have stopped listening to the rhetoric that comes from the right about this – so I have no idea if there is any legitimacy in their case – I hope and guess not!?
American tourists in the UK have always given me the impression they feel we have Victorian (if not shakesperean) health care and dentistry in Britain – hence cautionary tale of the “Book of British Smiles”. But Hurricane Katrina and the fallout of information from this bill shows me that America has a clean face but very dirty knickers in the health and social care department. Why does the US give so much in foreign aid when some charities meant to provide health care in the developing world are working almost exclusively in the US because of the desperate need. Surely aid is needed at home – and would be best provided in an effective healthcare entitlement bill. People should not be dying of curable diseases and ailments anywhere in the world let alone in a super power!
Shame all you opponents – SHAME!

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