Wednesday, 7 October 2009

To Love Wisely

I have recently had the opportunity to persue relationships with more than one person and it is tempting - to be held and wanted is an appealing and much missed thing. But I am determined to try to love wisely. But having said these words it became apparent they are an oxymoron - to be wise in its very nature suggests controlled thinking - head responses - deliberations. But I am convinced that love by its very nature is foolish - Love fool not Love sage. How else can you explain how blind you are to another's faults when in falling in love - how the very things that will grate in years to come are endearing - even charming? From outside we can see incompatibilities, fault lines waiting to open as familiarity breeds contempt - but from within love it is difficult to heed and negative - albeit realistic - views are rejected - even resented.
So am I likely to be a love wisely or a love foolishly in the future? I am sure if I am not in love then I will act more or less wisely - but I am more sure if I do fall in love again - or continue to be in love foolishly then there is little hope for wise words and actions - and that hindsight will be a glorious thing.

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  1. I think it is true that the process of falling in love sometimes bypasses our better judgment meters. But then, when the relationship becomes something you are committed to, love takes a different turn. Love becomes a daily (sometimes hourly!) decision, an action, a verb. That's where the wisdom comes in (as well as in the decision to commit). So... I think it's both/ and. Foolish wisdom. Like the cross.