Thursday, 26 March 2009

John Lewis, Friends and Honesty

I have a good friend, she is training to be a vicar in the pioneering arm of the Church of England. No one talks sense like her - honest but caring. I feel a poor friend by comparison but am thankful she feels I am worth being friends with. Today ( as you may have guessed from the previous posting) I hit a black patch and even a trip to John Lewis with its cultured staff and customers, its pristene products that stand at a kind of moral attention, its reliability and commitment to customer service and quality - even this eden within the high street could not raise me out of my gloom. And then on the way home - dreading coming back to a grumpy husband (albeit separated) and screaming children - I thought of having a chat and a cup of tea with Heather. And she reached me. Thank you.

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