Monday, 30 March 2009

Dykes To Watch Out For

I have had the immeasurable pleasure of discovering this political feminist comic strip - sadly after it has entered a sabbatical without obvious end. Despite (or maybe because of its title) it is so much more than a voyeurs eye view of lesbian acrobatics or the between the sheets lives of its characters. I have found it one of the funniest, thought provoking and stimulating reads of my life. Even reading it out of its real time political context it analyses political ideas, conduct and morality in an incredibly balanced way by juxtaposing different characters viewpoints and experiences. I, a politics graduate, feel like something has come alive in my brain again - oh yes that questioning and thinking for yourself and speaking out about attitudes and actions that are wrong matter. All this amidst Martha Stewart fetishes, Sex Toys R Us and hatches, matches and dispatches. But much much more than that it is hilarious - who'da thought you could be a political feminist and funny!!??!! So this is my Tip o' the nib to Alison Bechdel - God Bless her and all who sail in her! Follow Alison's Blog here:
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