Saturday, 14 March 2009

En Plein Air

The more you follow blog links the more you realise there are circles wihtin circles - the poets link to the politics - the art to the gardeners - the faith to the sexuality and yet I have discovered within them something that pops up in the most unexpected places - food bloggers. Some about packed lunches - even vegan (, one exclusively on veggie burgers and of course so many more on afternoon tea - I wonder why that would attract my interest?!

I love the fact the vegan lunch boxer - loves to eat 'en plein air'. I share that passion - even ordinary food seems special eaten in the fresh air -add sunshine and a view of the sea, woods, streams or fields - and it is a feast that feeds the soul. Waxing lyrical I know, but the risk of a damp bottom (admittedly very high) and sand in the sandwiches -apparently lessened by giving children their own separate box - are so small compared to the enjoyment that bubbles up from a picnic. My friend has a passion for flasks and cake on the beach - one I am hoping to cultivate. How lovely to make the stronghold of seasonal summer sojourns, a retreat for a treat even in winter months - my mind is already thinking of soup in those flasks ( preferrably spicy lentil with the hint of coconut - yum), scarves wrapped round chilled cheeks and ears facing into the biting wind - feeling alive - living not hibernating: a picnic on winter beaches - you can always come home to a roaring fire.

But now we are looking ahead as the sod warms and buds burst forth, a mildness permeates the air - the chance to linger longer -while children paddle in the sea or streams - jars of collected treasures - oh yes!

I think a flask and some biscuits will accompany us on our walk this afternoon - and tomorrow... the hamper gets an airing!

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