Saturday, 25 April 2009

Artful Gardens

Today was really warm and sunny so the children and I spent lots of time in the garden. The best bit was when I unrolled a a long line of lining paper weighted down by bricks and rocks and we did lots of wonderful drawings all over it -from pirate boats to giant "minibeasts". Until I popped inside and Lucy decided that to draw all over our slide, herself and her brother would be much more fun. Noah tried to help by cleaning up with my white hand towel from the bathroom - or should I say now - not so white. Blink and they are up to mischief. I looked up garden art to find an image to go with this post and came across this gem of a photo among the many google images - it's called "Tomato man and cucumber catepillar" - looks like there is more artful goings on ripe for the rest of the spring and summer. I think I should send it to Rock Cookie Bottom for a song request - but I am not convinced cucumber catepillar won't be made polyamorous or a fetishist!!!!!

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