Wednesday, 29 April 2009


It would be a hardened soul who could stand beneath the canopy of a cherry tree right now and not be moved by the beauty of the blossom. The way the petals fall like gentle rain is enchanting - taking you back to childhood ideas of fairies and magic places. I was always scornful of the trunks of cherry trees - they are ringed, knobbly and often gnarled - but I must have forgotten to look up and be transported... Loveliest of Trees the cherry.
I would like a cherry tree planted at the site of my burial be it ashes or body. So my nutrients may burst into life twice a year for the cascading beauty of the blossom and the glowing autumn leaves. I just feel that even when every one living had forgotten, some of the energy and beauty would remain - live on touching people’s lives. I guess I am incurably sentimental (or just mental). But still I say - Loveliest of Trees the Cherry!

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