Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Fascinating Foray into Photos of Friendship

I was thinking about friendship and its value. How one of my friends emigrated to the other side of the world for love but the loss of friendships have left a huge hole in her life. That you can spend your life looking for a romantic significant other and fail to notice that close friends can be, and often are, the significant others that partners are a pale imitation of. How when a friend becomes a lover you risk losing that friendship. That friendship - especially accompanied by cups of tea - can make the world seem a much better place. Despite many deep and meaningful thought processes -I found that lyrical poetry and witty anecdotes fail me and so I express myself through the oddities of a google image search. How friendship is expressed in different forms from Amish friendship bread to Rwandan Friendship baskets, from paintings by Picasso to American friendship quilts, from schmaltzy kitten posters to dayglo slogans, from ancient skooners to Norwich swing bridges, from Charlie Chapman to the hairy arm brigade - not to mention the full frontal nude melange of the friendship village - not displayed here for reasons of followers sensitivities. Friendship is a universal and incredible thing not to be taken or let go of lightly - but boy does it make some people a little loony in the Hallmark department. Hope you enjoy mes amies.

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