Saturday, 13 June 2009

Transgendered Vs Cisgendered

I think it is important for people to have a space to admit they struggle with things they feel they should be fine with. It is only when we deal openly and honestly with prejudice when there is a safe place to admit our limitations that we can grow towards more understanding and acceptance. So when on DTWOF a gay person admits they are uncomfortable with a lesbian wanting to transition - although that might not be the most supportive or politically progressive attitude - it needs to not be jumped on. The world can be so politically correct - it is easy to present a veneer of progressiveness - it is what is expected in liberal intelligent circles - but it is only when we are honest about where we are and allowed to make mistakes that we can trully develop. I am sorry that being different is so hard in this world - the human race are ultimately a herd animal - but I don’t apologise for giving people the freedom to admit they struggle with difference. I live in a remote part of the UK where until recently there were very very few people that were not WASP - so when a musician from Zimbabwe visited to do a dance workshop - the children needed to feel free to ask questions about her hair and skin - although as their teacher I was cringing inside - she was fine about it and they realised it was ok to ask questions - that is the only way to break down ignorance and the prejudice that accompanies it. I was always told not to look or ask when I saw a disabled person as a child and felt that there must be something deeply wrong and embarrassing about disability - It wasn’t until I dragged myself a long to volunteer at a holiday camp for young people with disabilites when I was 15 that I realised the strengths, gifts and wonderful contribution people of diability make in the world. It wasn’t something to worry about or feel embarrassed about - it was normal and natural - if sometimes both a gift and a curse in an able bodied world.
So I say where better to say ” why hasn’t that man got any clothes on?” as in The Emperor’s new clothes - to look stupid but be honest - than in the wonderful, challenging blog that is.

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