Sunday, 14 June 2009

Jesus Vs a Velociraptor

On Cecilia's Blog she has posted about her children's discussion on "epic face-offs" - which I will copy you into because it is great:
"I waltzed in the kitchen door late Thursday and announced to my children: I'm going to cook dinner. Alert the media!
And I did, and when we were at table, after having said grace, my children said unto me:
Petra: So at church some of the kids and I were talking about, you know, epic face-offs.
Larry: Pirates vs. Ninjas?
Petra: Yeah, stuff like that... Batman vs. Spider Man, Spider Man vs. a velociraptor...
Cecilia: A velociraptor??
Petra: Yeah, and then someone said, What about Jesus vs. a velociraptor?
Larry: Oh! Score!
Petra: And all around the table, everybody was saying, Oh Jesus, of course, Jesus.
Cecilia: Mmm hmmm...
Petra: And I said, the velociraptor!
Larry: OH! PK strikes back!
Cecilia: (laughing)
Petra: I mean, think about it. Jesus didn't resist when people tried to kill him... so he'd just let the velociraptor kill him, and then come back from the dead. But they were all saying, Well he would perform a miracle. And I said, What kind of miracle? He never zapped anyone with his power, right?
Larry: Yeah... unless he, you know, multiplied the velociraptors... so that there were like, 5000 of them. In which case...
Cecilia: (helpless laughing) "

It reminds me that I was just talking tonight about Jesus Vs Paul.
I was at a party last night and most people now know about me and my girlfriend - so the icy reception from some rather judgemental Evangelicals should have been expected. One had a heated argument with me about expelling the immoral brother before she knew I was not straight. So no surprises she would not meet return my smile or credit me with a presence.
And now I get to the point - Why is it the judgemental side of the evangelical church put so much weight on Paul's teachings and rules - no women in leadership - expelling those who are sexually immoral etc. etc. - when they miss Jesus' example of realising that we are called to love one another as he has loved us - not turn our backs on those we diasgree with - excommunicate those who do not conform.
Pauls is amazing - wisdom beyond nearly all - but he lived in a culture and an historical period - was OCD - or at best OTT. Why do so many Christian's use his letter's to specific churches at a specific time to beat others up with?
So in the battle Paul V's Jesus - I hope and pray - as would Paul - that Jesus wins... But in the evangelical church Pauls seems to win out more often than not - or at least his most opressive rules.

Please win Jesus in the church as you would against a velociraptor - because it would know it's Lord and maker and would lie down as the lion will with the lamb.

P.S. When looking up images to add to the post I found some pertinent and some very crazy stuff about Jesus and Velociraptor's - I could never have imagined in a million years let alone a Jurassic period...

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  1. I shared these pictures with my kids last night... LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for the shout-out!

    Pax, C.