Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Johnny Depp, Swine Flu and Fossilised Hyena Poo

Jeopardy Answer for 20 - "Things that are currently to be found in North Norfolk"??!?
At The dig on happisburgh Beach they are looking at a layer of gravel that was once a forest floor over 400,000 years ago. In it they have found hippo and mamoth bones and hyena coprolite. How do they know it is fossilised Hyena poo I hear you cry - well the guy is an expert in Hyena coprolite from the Natural History Museum and apparently it is a) text book in shape and size and b) there was nothing else doing poos like that in that location in that period.
Johnny Depp is rumoured to be buying a farm in or near Mundesley - but the facts have yet to be substantiated - I just can't imagine Johnny and the inhabitants of Mundesley coexisiting somehow - It is not the most cultural and bohemian place in North Norfolk and celebrities are few and far between - but maybe just maybe he has heard about John Major living in the area.
Sadly a little girl at my son's school has contacted Swine Flu as in the N1H1 strain. She has just got back from a holiday in Florida - had a jam packed birthday party and then fell ill her first morning back at school. I pray that her and her family will be well and that the spread of the epidemic here will be contained. My little boy's school is closed for a week in hope of controling the spread.
Having been chastised when sneezing in the supermarket, a few weeks ago from allergies by a hypersensitive shopper, for not using a tissue. Now when I sneeze in the supermarket aisle from hayfever, I will have to be extra careful to have a tissue with me - as the wider public will be jumpy and trigger happy to say the least. I may not be a carrier of the plague but I get a feeling I may be lynched inbetween the bulgar wheat and the porcini mushrooms if not circumspect.

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